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Product Price

As far as our prices are concerned, our rates are quite reasonable, These Charges Includes Assembly / Dismantling and In-House Move, We Only Charge From Time Of Pickup To Return To Base Or For Long Distance Pickups It Starts From Time Of Leaving Base To Drop Off. For Full Loads, We Charge A Minimum 2 Hours. (If you have any confusion, then please consult our office).

We guarantee you to beat any reasonable competitors quote

These Charges are simple and includes Assembly / Dismantling, Packing / Unpacking and In-House Move Services.

Boost your moving speed any time with Hiring extra Man for Only $20 PER ½ Hour

We Also Supply Boxes and Packaging materials.

Please Note:-
Extra charges may apply incase of stairs, working late hours or to meet traveltime and fuel costs when pick-up and drop-off locations are far. We will let youknow about the extra charges at the time of booking so it doesn’t cause anyinconvenience.

Timing Slots:-

07:00- 07:30 AM- Start time of first job of the day.
10:00- 01:00 PM- Our Mid-Day Slot Arrival Timing.
01:00- 04:00 PM- Our Evening Slot Arrival Timing.
These timing slots are for indicatory purpose only, Actual time of arrival can vary on traffic and jobs before. We will call you half hour before arrival time.

Want to know how many hours your move will take?