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We tried to cover maximum of your Questions here and hopefully you get your answers. If you still have any additional questions that aren’t covered below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Each move is different to other. However to give you a general idea: 1 Bedroom apartment, takes 2-3 hours, 2 bedroom condo, 3-6 hours, and a 3 Bedroom house amy take 4-8 hours on an average. Please keep in mind all situations are unique and these times are served as guidelines only.


At the initial stage of your booking, we attempt and find out the size and amount of moving items to suggest the right vehicle for your move, so we are not making multiple trips. It is recommended that you give us a precise picture of moving goods at the time of booking.


Yes, These Charges Includes Packaging, Assembly / Dismantling and In-House Move, but we charge for material or you can either provide your own packaging material, you can always discuss about your requirements while booking with our representatives for the material you need and their prices.
We normally charge from pickup address to drop-off address. You can hire us only for Half-hour minimum. We charge one time Call-out fee to cover other costs involved. After the 30 min. the second half hour starts (31mins to 60mins), and so on respectively. Your move is charged based on the (Call-out fee) + (total ½ hours)   (Any additional costs such as Travel Time, more than 20 kms from Melbourne CBD), Please Note:- For Large Trucks we charge minimum of 2 hours + Any additional costs.(If you have any confusion or enquiries, please consult our office)
We normally don’t charge for Travel time, Fuel or Depot fees in Melbourne CBD area or 20 kms from CBD.
No we don’t charge different rates for different days
Yes, you pay as you go. You’re billed in ½ hour increments.  If your move takes less time than quoted, your price will be adjusted accordingly.
No, we don’t charge for heavy stuff but we reserve the right to deny the moving if the mover deems not safe or for any other reasons whatsoever.
Yes, but plants are always bit tricky to move so we recommend you to move them ahead then moving date so they don’t get damaged.

We had discussions with specialists of refrigeration industry and the conclusion is its better to move in upright position. We always recommend that you book a truck so that we can transport your fridge in an upright position. Also, if you “turn-off” your fridge couple of hours before and not “turn-on” couple of hours after the move, it’s absolutely safe for the fridge.

We always use good padded blankets to protect your furniture. If necessary, we use padded dollies to help prevent any damage to large furniture items.
Absolutely! We have Public Liability Insurance and Transit Insurance. Proof of insurance is available upon request
Yes, you or your appointed adult representative should be present to sign the job-sheet before loading and unloading, in all situations.
Not really, but you can always request us using call back service. However we have moves 7 days a week and in case of any move we always give you movers number so you can directly contact them and dispatch can be reached 24/7 incase your move falls outside normal office hours.

Want to know how many hours your move will take?